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Christopher Poole born c. He is best known for founding the anonymous English-language imageboard 4chan in Octoberalso serving as the site's head administrator for more than 11 years before stepping down in January Inhe began working for Google.

In AprilPoole was voted the world's most influential person of by an open Internet poll conducted by Time magazine. On September 12,Poole gave a talk on why 4chan has a reputation as a " Meme Factory" at the Paraflows Symposium in Vienna, Austria, which was part of the Paraflows 09 festival, themed Urban Hacking. In this talk, Poole mainly attributed this to the anonymous system, and to the lack of data retention on the site "The site has no memory".

Paulo said his inclusion in the conference "indicates that something extraordinary is happening In a interview, Poole discussed his belief in the value of multiple identities, including anonymity, in contrast to the merger of online and real-world identities occurring on Facebook and many other social networking sites. In JanuaryPoole announced that he would be stepping down as the 4chan administrator. This marked the beginning of his "retirement" from being an administrator and owner of the web site after eleven-and-a-half years.

On March 7,Poole announced that he had been hired by Google. David Kernellas a government witness. In NovemberPoole sent a cease and desist letter to Moot. It, an internet startup. Although Grossman's article began with the confession that "I don't even know his real name," he claimed to identify moot as Christopher Poole.

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He told Grossman, "my personal private life is very separate from my Internet life There's a firewall in between. It reported that Poole was living with his mother while looking for a way to make money from owning 4chan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about Christopher Poole, founder of 4chan. April 27, Retrieved September 2, PC Magazine. Retrieved April 27, Washington Post. Archived from the original on April 15, September 12, Retrieved May 18, Partial transcript: Moot on 4chan and why it works as a meme factoryDigiom blog, April 6, Retrieved May 15, February 12, Retrieved February 12, O Estado de S.

Paulo in Portuguese.

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Archived from the original on September 9, Retrieved April 25, Technology Review. Retrieved August 10, The New York Observer.Humanity isn't always on the low end of the cosmic totem pole. If a story takes the point of view of animals or relatively weak or primitive non-humans, there'll be a Perspective Flip related to Clarke's Third Law where technologically-advanced, or, more rarely, magic-using humans shall be seen as unnaturally and nauseatingly inconceivable.

The non-human creatures will usually consider Man as Always Chaotic Eviland treat it either with wary respect or an odd reverence as a divinity.

Whether it's born from survival instinct or cultural baggage, most will be reluctant at best to actively resist Man's activities, let alone be curious to know them, lest one would suffer in the most merciless manner at the hands of Man's Industrialized Evil. Possibly the non-human society realizes that committing to major action against Man would risk breaking the Masqueradecrossing some sort of Moral Event Horizonor is just plain suicidal.

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To meet this trope, the non-humans must consider either individual completely normal Man or the Man's civilization as a whole to be:. One exception to this treatment happens when some non-humans, usually childrenbecome pals with a humanagain usually another child. The contact is treated as an exception rather than a rulein that this one human is different and kindwhile still considering revealing themselves to Man as a whole as endangering themselves.

The non-humans who engage in this contact may or may not have their society's sanction to do so — it may be verboten and seen as risky, or alternately a useful tradition where they selectively reveal themselves to worthy humans.

There are advantages to getting on a god's good sideafter all. The non-human society may be a Cargo Cultprimitive fantasy creatures or Insufficiently Advanced Aliensa Mouse Worldrobots, or a Hidden Elf Village separated from human civilization. They may only consider humans to be things of mythand be terrified to find out otherwise.

Often results in Nightmare Fuel or a God Guise. May be a case of Obliviously Evil. Has surprisingly little to do with Humanoid Abomination. After defying his father by swimming out to sea to touch the 'butt', Nemo comes face to face with mysterious terrors of the deep Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Scu'ba Di'ver Syd'ney wgah'nagl fhtagn! Grandpa Squirrel : Well, they were like monsters. They wore great big iron pots on their heads, they walked on their hind legs, and they carried terrible-lookin' shootin' irons with knives on the end of 'em, and their eyes flashed, and they had tremendous big snouts that curled down and fastened on to their stomachs!

Baby Squirrel : Ooooh! Grandpa, I'm glad there ain't no more men around! Anime and Manga. Seeing them from the perspective of the raccoon-dogs in The Eccentric Familyhumans are "more sly, cunning and wicked than even foxes or tengu. Though it's kind of an It Was His Sled moment. Humans are different from all the other Angels in that Angels are the offspring of Adam, while the Lilim humanity are the offspring of Lilith.

The inhabitants of Crescent Forest in Sayuri Tatsuyama 's Happy Happy Clover view humans as this, even after Clover befriends a pair of human children. At one point in the manga, the main characters Clover and Mallow discover the story of Santa Claus.

But their school teacher, named "Professor Hoot" takes the book away from them and doesn't allow them to read the rest of it. Since he told them that the whole Santa story was for "Grown-Ups". However, when Kale one of Clover's friends and the oldest brother discovered that his brothers had been talking about Santa and been writing letters to Santa about what they want for Christmas, he gets extremely upset at Clover for telling his brothers about this.Boxxy is a character performed by American Internet celebrityvlogger and voice actress Catherine " Catie " Wayneknown for her highly energetic vlogs.

Her videos, under her YouTube account known as "boxxybabee", were initially made to be posted to her Gaia Online friends. In JanuaryWayne recorded two videos addressing her friends on Gaia Online and uploaded them to YouTube under the alias boxxybabee.

They were reposted to the site i-am-bored. Wayne responded to the popularity of her initial videos in a third video that was uploaded to her new YouTube channel, boxxybabeein January The videos depict Wayne in heavy eyeliner [3] [4] [5] rambling in an excitable stream of consciousness style about various topics and experiences.

The presence of the videos was divisive on 4chanwith factions claiming to either support or oppose Boxxy, leading to various flame wars and hacking incidents. She was left out of the top list because her videos were relatively new at the time. Wayne replaced Princess Leia's speech with her own request for her fans' help in regaining access to her old account, boxxybabee. On January 10,she posted a new, more introspective video [11] onto a new YouTube account ANewHopeee [12] in which she explains that Boxxy is a made-up character and that she acts.

This video caused some discussions on its authenticity. On June 17,Wayne made a third YouTube account Bodaciousboxxy and continued uploading videos of herself. InWayne lent her voice to BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storman indie role-playing game satirizing various aspects of internet culture. She is credited with both conceptualization and voice-over work as the game's protagonist.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 29 March Not to be confused with Boxy. American Internet celebrity, vlogger and voice actress. Retrieved December 22, The Guardian. Archived from the original on July 25, Retrieved July 26, The Globe and Mail. Archived from the original on June 27, Archived from the original on July 26, Archived from the original on January 24, Retrieved August 22, New Autographs coming soon!

Fox 11 News. January 19, Retrieved July 4, Discovery Digital Networks. Archived from the original on June 28, Hunters is an American drama web television series created by David Weil. It premiered on February 21,on Amazon Prime Video. The series is inspired by a number of real Nazi hunters through the decades, but it is not meant to be a specific representation of any of them.

On May 17,it was announced that Amazon Video had given the production a straight-to-series order for a first season consisting of ten episodes. Weil was also expected to write for the series as well.

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Production companies involved with the series were slated to consist of Monkeypaw Productions and Sonar Entertainment. On December 13,it was reported that Logan Lerman was in talks for a lead role in the series, Jonah Heidelbaum. Hunters received polarizing reviews, with criticism for its tone and pacing and praise for its performances. The series has received some criticism from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum due to inaccurate use of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

The scene depicting prisoners being forced to participate in a game of human chess was called out as "dangerous foolishness and caricature". The museum was also concerned that the show "welcomes future deniers". Smith heavily criticized the show and concluded that "Amazon must not renew it for a second season.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Futon Critic. November 1, January 3, Amazon Series Faces New Controversy".

International Business News. Refinery Retrieved February 25, Marine Corps Scout Sniper. Mathison had come to believe that Brody, who was held captive by al-Qaeda as a prisoner of warwas "turned" by the enemy and poses a threat to the United States. The series focuses on a storyline that evolves from this premise, together with Mathison's ongoing covert work. The series is broadcast in the U. It premiered on October 2, The series has received generally positive reviews, with its first two seasons gaining near universal praise.

Murray Abraham have also received Emmy acting nominations. Nicholas Brody, a U. Marine Sergeant who had been reported as missing in action sinceis rescued from a compound belonging to terrorist Abu Nazir. Brody is heralded as a war hero, but Carrie comes to suspect that he is planning a terrorist attack against the United States. Brody strengthens his position as a potential running mate for Vice President Walden, while still under the command of Abu Nazir.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Langley, Brody has fled the country while Carrie strives to clear his name. She oversees a botched drone strike on the suspected location of terrorist mastermind Haissan Haqqani, which causes strife within the CIA and provokes the extremely dangerous terrorist. Carrie recruits a young asset in an attempt to track down Haqqani. Information provided to the Pakistanis by a disgruntled embassy American leads to disastrous results. Two years after the events of season 4, Carrie is no longer an intelligence officer and is now working as head of security for a private charitable foundation and its billionaire owner in BerlinGermany.

She now works at a foundation that provides aid to Muslims living in the United States.

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The season features the election of the first female president and occurs between election day and inauguration day. Carrie has left her job in the White House and moved back to D. She takes on the Keane administration to secure the release of the members of the intelligence community who were arrested under President Keane's orders the previous season.

He needs help from Carrie, who is recovering from her confinement in a Russian gulag. The two had previously worked together on the similarly themed series The series was passed on by FX [16] before landing at Showtime who green-lit a 12 episode order on April 7, In SeptemberGansa announced that he would be crafting the eighth season as the series' last.

He pointed out that the decision would ultimately fall on Showtime, but that he would be moving toward an eight-season close.The board's intended purpose is the "discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics". The researchers concluded that "'fringe' communities often succeed in spreading alternative news to mainstream social networks. In particular, the board is infamous for the prevalence of antisemitic threads and memes. A spokesperson for Google said that the thread appeared because search queries and news about the man were rare allowing for the thread to appear in the top stories section of the man's name but the thread did not appear in broader searches about the Las Vegas shooting.

USa performance art project made to protest Donald Trump's presidency. The sign resembles the letters WP which they said stands for white power. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Political discussion board on 4chan. September 9, Retrieved August 16, — via WebCite. Proceedings of the Internet Measurement Conference.

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Hachette Books. July 1, August 24, Metro Clarion Media — via Google Books. The Washington Post. Retrieved July 17, The Daily Beast.

The Daily Dot. Southern Poverty Law Center. Retrieved Bibcode : arXivE. Vice Media. Retrieved July 14, Retrieved April 12, Anti-Defamation League. Los Angeles Times. New Statesman. Retrieved August 16, The Guardian. The New Yorker. The New York Times.

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Retrieved November 6, June 3, Retrieved August 20, BBC News. Then things got weird". Retrieved November 10, Retrieved November 5, In Warhammer 40,the Drukhari, commonly known as the Dark Eldar, are one of the galaxy's greatest menaces, shadowy pirates that strike without warning and subject their victims to uncounted horrors. As the former Eldar empire 's ever-increasing debauchery and hedonism descended into complete madness, many of the cults of excess that were taking over society moved their bases of operation into the inter-dimensional Webway to create private realms of depravity.

This shielded them from the psychic backlash of Slaanesh's birth, allowing them to gleefully continue the lifestyle that led to the Fall and flourish in their twisted capital of Commorragh while their Craftworld cousins drifted in the void. Yet as more time passed, these Eldar discovered that they hadn't escaped Slaanesh's touch after all, as their souls were being slowly drained away.

However, they discovered that if they caused others to suffer in their stead, they could stave off this soul-death for a while longer. Thus were born the Dark Eldar, a race of sadistic murderers who feed upon the agony of their victims.

The entirety of Dark Eldar "civilization" is focused on generating pain and suffering, leading them to undertake frequent raids to acquire captives for bloodsports, scientific experiments, or simple torture.

Christopher Poole

They are pirates and raiders beyond compare, appearing out of nowhere, striking, and departing as swiftly as they came. The Dark Eldar revel in violence and bloodshed, savoring the terror and pain they create in their victims as it makes them "whole" once more. This bloodlust also extends to their own kind; their own pain will suffice when others are unavailable, and many aspects of their lives are brutally masochistic. However, despite the Dark Eldar's immense pride and power, they are slaves to their addiction who exchanged a quick death for something far worse, and the gnawing hunger in their souls forever reminds them that they are but inches from annihilation.

On the tabletop, the Dark Eldar army is best compared to a scalpel—precise and quite dangerous, but fragile. Their soldiers are frail and lightly-armored, and even their vehicles can be brought down by small-arms fire. To compensate, their army is highly mobile, featuring blindingly-fast open-topped skimmer transports to quickly get troops exactly where needed, or run circles around their opponent.

Their ranged weapons make a mockery of both enemy armor and monstrous creatures alike, and while they lack the staying power of Orks or Space Marines in protracted combats, the Dark Eldar excel at swift, overwhelming assaults that annihilate the enemy before they can strike back.

Even better, some Dark Eldar units grow more powerful as they slay foes, allowing them to seize an advantage to become all but unstoppable. They are easy to play badly, but if used well the Dark Eldar are devastating. In January the Dark Eldar were the focus of Gaiden Game Gangs of Commorragh where gangs of Hellions and Reavers fight aerial battles for territory with White Dwarf later releasing additional rules for Harlequin gangs. The 8th Edition of the game saw the Dark Eldar officially renamed the Drukhari and their rules can be found in Codex: Drukhari released in April with additional rules released in the October supplement Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising.

Archon of the Black Heart Kabal, the first and largest Kabal in the Dark City, and by extension the de facto ruler of Commorragh, Asdrubael Vect is a brilliant and ruthless leader who has held the Drukhari in his iron grip for millennia. Vect claims that it was he who discovered the method of staving off Slaanesh's sapping of the souls of the Drukhari by feeding off the pain of others, while his detractors claim he is nothing but an upstart slave.

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